Stay focused like humans, not robots.

  • No more wasting time without you realized while browsing.
  • No more forcing yourself to stay focused because an app tell you so.
  • No more going deep into the settings just to unblock websites.

Only access distracting websites with an informed decision.

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Only available for Google Chrome & Brave browser

Stay focused for hours longer

Whether you're trying to focus on work, school, reading, or studying - get more things done in a shorter time.

Take a break when you need it

Our extension let you take a break and resume whenever you want without forcing you to be focused.

Works on any websites

Use our predefined distracting website links or make your own list of any websites you want to block.

Toggle on and off easily

Turn on and off focus mode by simply toggling the switch without going deep into the settings.


Your history and browser data is stored in your own local computer. In other words, your data is safe.

Dark mode

It's 2022 and we are still on the dark mode hype train. At least for us 😉

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Frequently asked questions

I have seen quite a few extensions that help people to focus, what sets this one apart?

FocusMode provides a simple solution for a seemingly complicated problem compare to its alternatives. It reminds people from mindlessly browsing with a simple toggle button.

What browser support does this extension support?

Only Google Chrome and Brave browser for now, more browsers will be supported in the future. Let us know on Twitter to speed things up.

Is there any website that Focus Mode does not block?

Nope, change the website list you want to block easily however you like.

I have more questions / feedbacks

Just hit me up ons

Made by Umar Luqman