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Reduce Mindless Browsing By 10x

Get out of the loop and stay mindful when accessing distracting websites. No more wasting time for hours unconsciously.

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We know what you're thinking

Another productivity tool that promises the world but doesn't deliver. focusmode is different.

It's not about blocking sites entirely, but helping you be more intentional with your browsing. With customizable interventions and breaks, focusmode puts you back in the driver's seat.


Take Control of Your Time

Stop mindless browsing and stay mindful. Access distracting websites with well-informed intention.

Structured Breaks

When you visit a distracting site, focusmode presents a calming intervention. Breathe, stretch, and decide mindfully how long you want to spend there.

Personalized Prompts

Create your own intervention messages that resonate with you. Choose break durations that fit your workflow. focusmode adapts to you.

Automatic Scheduling

Set focusmode to activate during your most productive hours, and turn off when it's time to unwind. Strike the perfect balance effortlessly.

Don't take it from us

See what others have to say.

  • this is one of the most cleanest most asthetic and most productive extension ever that too for free.
    Aniket Singh Chauhan
  • The most valuable extension I've ever used! Thank you so much!
  • New update is great ! with gamification block and more visuals, keep you more aware of NOT entering blocked sites ( instead of mindlessly turning off extention for a second and entering)
    Iman Shams M
  • This is simply perfect, makes you do conscient choices! Version 2.0 is better than before, because it makes you think twice before entering a distracting website with the interventions.
    Victor Armbruster
  • Great extension, it definitely stops me from going down those internet rabbit holes when I should be working on something. Simple, straightforward, and I especially like the new scheduled feature. Just what I needed.
    Gabby M

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